Customizing the Boot Animation

The FAMOCO devices support boot animation customization. Follow the steps below to personalize your devices.

Step 1 - How to create your boot animation

  1. Create a new directory called “bootanimation”

  2. In the new directory

    • Create an empty file called “desc.txt”
    • Create directories for each sequence in your animation. You can call them “partX” with X being a number (part0, part1…)
  3. Place your PNG files in the sequence directories (partX), in their correct order:

    • 00.PNG
    • 01.PNG
    • 02.PNG
    • ...
  4. Fill the desc.txt with the following information :

    [px width] [px height] [Frame per second]
     p [number of repetition]   [pause time in second] [sequence directory] 
     {p [number of repetition] [pause time in second] [sequence directory]}
    - here is an example
    - 320 480 5
    - p 1 10 part0
    - p 0 10 part1
  5. Create a none-compressed zip archive (STORE mode) of the bootimage directory: 

    zip -r -0 ./ *

Step 2 - How to install and display

  1. To install your boot animation: adb push /data/local
  2. To play your boot animation: adb shell bootanimation

Click here to download a sample boot animation.