Change the NFC sound

FAMOCO devices allow you to change or disable the sounds emitted when an NFC event occurs.

Feature description

Three events can exist when reading an NFC tag:

  • Start event : when a NFC tag starts to be detected by the NFC Antenna
  • Error event : when an error occurs during the NFC tag initial reading
  • End event : when the initial reading of an NFC tag was successfull

Each event can be modified independently of the others.

The NFC sound should be created as an OGG media file.

Those sounds should be created on the following locations of the device:

  • /data/local/nfc-start.ogg
  • /data/local/nfc-end.ogg
  • /data/local/nfc-error.ogg

Step-by-step instructions

These instructions require:

  • to have a FAMOCO device available
  • to know how to use ADB android tool.

Please follow the instructions below to change the NFC sound files for FAMOCO devices:

  1. Download the following files:

  2. Copy the audio files to the device:

    adb push nfc-start.ogg /data/local/nfc-start.ogg adb push nfc-end.ogg /data/local/nfc-end.ogg adb push nfc-error.ogg /data/local/nfc-error.ogg

  3. Restart the device

    adb shell reboot

  4. Verify you hear the new NFC sounds by scanning a tag