Location of FAMOCO devices

How set up the location function on FAMOCO devices

In the device dashboard:

  • Go to Settings > Location > Mode and choose High Accuracy


There are a couple of conditions that must be met to ensure the location of devices works as expected:

  • The devices must be used outside
  • Avoid putting the device next to big walls or large metal objects

In addition, the first time the device is used it will take a moment to get the initial GPS fix. “Time For First Fix” or TFF is the time it takes for the device to receive the GPS location the first time it is used. After this initial operation, the device will receive its position much faster.

You can monitor information about the localization using this 3rd party app available here.


Locating devices is in beta and done with GEOIP which means that the device IP is used to calculate the location.

Please note that there are situations where IP based location is not always accurate, such as when the device uses a VPN.