Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of a FAMOCO Starter Kit!

Starter Kit

The contents: Device, Battery, USB cable & Wall plug, Rubber, Wrist strap

To get started:

  1. Insert battery
  2. Charge until LED is green
  3. Set up your FAMOCO Management Suite (FMS ) account (Watch this video to find out how)
  4. Create WIFI hotspot (SSID: FAMOCO Password : famocoaccess) for the device to automatically connect to or Access an available WIFI network on the device or insert a SIM card
  5. Your device will automatically sync, if it doesn’t, press and hold the volume up button to access the Dashboard, then press the sync button
  6. Activate the developer mode in the FMS profile to enable access to Android settings and USB connection for development needs

You’re all set!